97 line is one of the most famous K-pop best friends. In particular, netizens often talk about the close and admirable friendship between Jungkook and Yugeom.

A story from many years ago has recently become hot on social media because of Jungkook and Yugeom’s moment. It may be rare now that we get to see these images so easily but their friendship is still as beautiful as ever.

In the K-pop entertainment industry, there are many close friends from different groups, but it is not easy to find them as close as BTS Jungkook and GOT7 Yugyeom. Born in 1997, Jungkook and Yugyeom are both the “powerful” maknaes of the two cult groups BTS and GOT7, as well as the most desirable 20-year-old boys in K-pop.

People talk a lot about the similarity in talent and visuals of these two members. Jungkook and Yugeom both possess attractive looks.

Not only that, but when it comes to talent, both Jungkook and Yugeom are considered as idols with a solid and professional dance backgrounds. While Jungkook was sent by Big Hit to attend the L. A Summer Of 2012 course for a long time to improve his dancing skills and in 2011, Yugyeom excellently won the second prize of the Adrenaline House Dance Battle.

With so many similarities, maybe Jungkook and Yugeom started their friendship like that. In addition, every time they are together, both Jungkook and Yugeom make everyone admire them because of their lovely interaction.

Recently, a photo of Jungkook and Yugeom from 2016 was hot again. Specifically, the story was told at that time that Jungkook went to GOT7’s JYP dormitory door late at night to pick Yugeom out.

Many GOT7 fans who were waiting for the group to finish practicing captured this moment and Jungkook and Yugeom were seen laughing and having fun together for dinner. Although it was cold and very late, the two had a rare “date” together.

Even that year, many ARMYs on Twitter joked that that year they thought Jungkook was waiting to date some female idol in JYP. But funny enough, the one who came out was Yugeom:

– He’s not going on a date with a girl, but with another guy kkkkk

– We used to have a battleship GotBang

– Do you understand the feeling when a husband goes out with a boyfriend but he is left at home?

– 2 members of 97 go on a late night date

– The battleship GOTBANG is so wonderful

– Huh, where did they two go that day?

– Jungkook took Yugyeom to drink coconut water

– They went to buy banana milk together :))

– Jungkook is always seen going out like buying banana milk or going on a date with his best friend

– That year, Jungkook got into rumors about dating a female JYP idol because he often saw him in the JYP dorm. But by the time this picture came out, the rumors would all be gone kkkkkk

– Dispatch has to take his hat off to Jungkook =))) BTS is on the same list as Kim Jongkook because Dispatch is tired of following but no results

Not only has this Jungkook and Yugeom moment become a favorite, every time Jungkook and Yugeom get a chance to meet, but they also make fans of both groups go wild. Like when Jungkook and Yugeom participated in the Idol Star Olympics, Agase and ARMY were very excited about their pranks.

Jungkook even stated on Vlog that Yugyeom is his only best friend among male K-pop stars. Jungkook also revealed how he begged Yugyeom to go bowling with him on his Livestream. During the 97-line gatherings, Jungkook and Yugeom were always present.

It’s good that Jungkook was able to find a great friend for himself in the K-pop world!

By hnam