RM and SUGA seem to be the two most calm and mature members in BTS. But of course, they were also young men and had different views in life.

Perhaps few people know that, between RM and SUGA, there was once a heated argument, even a pillow battle because of differences in lifestyle. However, after reading this story, you probably feel it’s more of an adorable argument between normal boys than idols!

In the eyes of ARMY, RM is a great and mature leader. However, according to what RM shared, in real life, he is a very innocent guy. He doesn’t know how to drive and also breaks things a lot.

The members also teased RM because he messed up everything around him. He can even break things easily. The objects in BTS’s shared dormitory were once the object of destruction at the hands of RM.

Meanwhile, the one who cleans up the remnants and aftermath of RM’s hands is SUGA. SUGA also repairs and assembles things in the shared dorm because he’s the one who’s good at doing these things. SUGA also regularly arranges furniture in the house.

However, a former Big Hit trainee once shared that once SUGA felt so frustrated with RM because he always broke things, he complained about it. And then RM and SUGA got into a big argument about dealing with the mess in the house.

The discussion escalated and they became heated, the exchange of words became rude, and they even threw clothes at each other. Not stopping there, SUGA and RM also used pillows to throw to each other like big kids, but it was fun that never turned into physical aggression.

But what makes ARMYs laugh right away is that the clothes that RM and SUGA throw at each other are because j-hope and Jimin spent hours ironing and folding them. When a loud argument between RM and SUGA happened, j-hope, Jimin and Jungkook ran into the room and saw the mess they caused.

j-hope was then very angry because the two of them messed up the clothes he worked so hard to fold. Then SUGA and RM had to go apologize to j-hope and fold the clothes they just threw. SUGA and RM also realized many things about each other and their relationship improved a lot after the incident.

The story is really lovely when the two have arguments and conflicts but never mean to harm the other. They have a way to release their emotions and the way to reconcile conflicts is really cute.

We always know that even in the family there will be conflict, so this argument is just a catalyst to strengthen their friendship!

By hnam