After it was announced that Jin would be joining the show Lee Young Ji’s My Alcohol Diary, ARMYs and netizens were eagerly anticipating this episode. Of course, both artists did not disappoint us by having an extremely fun talkshow.

During the talk with Young Ji, Jin also revealed some things related to HYBE’s way of working and this surprised many people. Here are two of the things that BTS limited when they were trainees and when they became idols.

Being a trainee of entertainment companies has always been known for its strict rules. Big Hit Music from the very first days has also applied the rules for trainees even though it is only a small company.

If YG has 6 rules for trainees about banning from smoking, drinking, driving, plastic surgery, clubbing and dating, then JYP is famous for the fact that trainees can’t date and even idols have to comply. this for 3 years from launch. As for Big Hit Music, one of the rules revealed by Jin is not to drink alcohol from the time you were a trainee until your debut.

Jin told Young Ji that he started drinking when he was allowed to at the age of 18. But when Jin was 19 years old, he started training at Big Hit Music and he was not allowed to drink alcohol during his trainee days: “I was unable to do those because the company stopped me from drinking when I came here as a trainee at 19 years old”.

Besides this, after BTS debuted, Big Hit also introduced a number of other strict policies including BTS’s recording. This was revealed by Jin at the beginning when he shyly greeted everyone and Young Ji.

Jin said: “Hi, it’s been a long time since I last joined shooting by the third party”

Lee Young Ji couldn’t even believe it and asked Jin again. Then his answer is exactly what we can see: “We normally only participate in the in-house filmings.”

It’s been a long time since BTS’ entertainment content released for ARMYs is all done by HYBE. HYBE is also very strict when it comes to deciding the content of BTS members to record and we rarely see them appear on an entertainment program with a team that is not HYBE staff.

Then Lee Young Ji wanted to know more and asked about how often the groups actually film third-party films: “So you never participate in shootings by a 3rd party?”. Jin explained that it almost never happens: “Almost 99% of the times”.

So the fact that Jin appeared on her show makes her feel honored. What Jin said is completely true because it has been a long time since he and BTS have not appeared on TV shows.

Later during the episode, Jin even revealed that it was because they didn’t get a chance to film outside of HYBE. That’s when Young Ji commented that Jin seemed to be nervous to the point of being frozen while filming for My Alcohol Diary.

When it comes to his “frozen” expression, Jin explained how it’s been a really long time since HYBE has restricted BTS from appearing on shows that are not HYBE partners or produced by HYBE. He revealed: “Because it’s been a long time since I last joined shootings by a 3rd party… [The last time was] 5 or 6 years ago”.

Perhaps, some ARMYs also know about the reason why HYBE rarely lets BTS participate in TV shows. Partly because when BTS attended TV shows at the beginning of their debut, because they weren’t as famous as some other groups, they were often looked down on and not treated with caution, so HYBE later produced them themselves. entertainment content for BTS.

Another reason that many people may also notice is that once BTS has become globally famous, they can produce their own shows. They are also more comfortable in controlling the content of the program or expressing themselves and of course the recording is also arranged to fit their schedule. In other words, BTS is currently too busy to participate in 3rd party programs.

At the present time, perhaps a lot of TV shows wish to have BTS, but this is like a miracle, very difficult!

By hnam