BTS is truly one of the most popular groups on the planet. But soon, they will be one of the most famous musical groups in the universe, even aliens can hear the group’s sound.

Specifically, this is the latest information announced by NASA and reported by Korean media. This makes ARMYs extremely excited and proud.

Today, Korean media reported on an upcoming proud project related to BTS. That is, the US Aeronautics and Space Administration will play 3 BTS songs in 2024: “BTS will be heard in outerspace in 2024 as part of NASA’s playlist on its voyage to the Moon. BTS’s songs “Moonchild, “Mikrokosmos” & “134340” are selected to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Apollo 11″

These 3 songs will be played during the 6-day trip to the Moon that NASA is preparing in 2024. The 3 selected songs are part of a project called #NASAMoonTunes belonging to the project to celebrate 50 years after the success of NASA Apollo 11. Accordingly, a number of songs will be selected and added to playlists on this meaningful journey.

Previously, NASA opened a registration page to search for songs suitable for this project. Immediately, three songs Mikrokosmos, 134340 by BTS and Moonchild by RM are the names that receive the most nominations.

This is one of the greatest honors for BTS and all fans because it is not a coincidence that the song of a Korean boy group went to the Moon. Although these are not BTS’ cult hits, in terms of content, all three songs are very meaningful when related to the universe.

Mikrokosmos is the third song in BTS’s Map Of The Soul: Persona album released on April 12, 2019. This word in Hungarian means little world. The song indirectly refers to the philosophy of the interrelationship between humans and the universe, seeing humans as a small world containing their own power. If understood in a broader sense, it studies the relationship of each individual living parallel to the things in life.

Meanwhile, 134340 is inspired by Pluto – a planet that is located in the solar system. However, it was abandoned and treated as an asteroid numbered 134340.

And finally, the solo song belongs to RM- Moonchild. The song is the heart of a child born in the Moon, preferring night to day. The light of the Sun was so bright, so bright that the Moonchild children couldn’t release their own energy. Only when the moon rises will Moonchild’s moment come. This is the moment when they shine in their very own way like moonlight in the dark night.

Not only that, as Korean media reported, BTS is the first Korean group to have a song selected by NASA that makes everyone extremely proud. Although this is not a title or achievement milestone recognized by experts, it means that BTS’s music is increasingly spreading to everyone. Anywhere in this universe BTS can still shine in their very own way.

Last but not least, NASA also recently considered adding a song by a team member to this list and won a lot of favor for it. It’s the Moon of Jin. ARMYs sent it on his behalf after hearing NASA Artemis request to submit a poem appreciating the Moon. Of course, NASA accepted! The social media manager confessed it touched their hearts.

By hnam