The members of BTS are all known for their nice personalities and their ingenuity when it comes to handling any situation. Especially including Jimin, who is considered the definition of kindness that BTS has ever chosen.

Recently, an OP told a story about Jimin’s flair and his precious heart. This story shows that he really is someone who understands what it’s like to live well:

Jimin is one of the most talked about idols with a kind and golden personality. He is always gentle and nice to the people around him. Even when doing anything that affects others, Jimin immediately handles it well.

Here is a story that shows his good manners. More specifically, in the story, there is also the appearance of Jimin’s mother, it shows how his family has a good tradition of personality.

Specifically, Jimin already owns a private apartment and of course, because of his needs, Jimin needs to remodel the apartment a bit. This caused the inconvenience for the other houses around his apartment.

Although this is inevitable when living in apartments, Jimin already seems very guilty for bothering everyone. Therefore, after his apartment was repaired, he and his mother brought a fruit basket to give to the neighbors around and also below his floor.

OP also said that he and his mother gave large baskets of fruit and  a handwritten letter as a gift to apologize for the inconvenience he caused when redoing a house. OP was also surprised to find out that Jimin lives near his house. But she feels even more admiration for Jimin and his family for their rare kindness.

After reading this story, many ARMYs left comments praising Jimin’s personality:

– He and his mother are angels

– my mimi is an angel

– Jimin is super nice, he is recognized by many celebs

– Stan Jimin never ceases to be proud

– So lovely

– I know he always does it well

– He and his mother is so kind

– Wish to be Jimin’s neighbor

– He and his mother even wrote letter by hand too

– It is rare to see someone who do it now

– He has a warm heart

– So proud of Jimin

– His kindness comes from his family’s blood

– Jimin is the perfect one

By hnam