Jimin always makes a good impression on those who come in contact with him because of his nice and caring personality. Even when he becomes a world-famous star, his good personality doesn’t change.

The story below about what Jimin did to his dear old classmate will show how much he treasures all relationships. It will be a story that will surprise you with Jimin’s sincerity.

Story shared by an OP whose friend is a friend of a playmate who is very close to Jimin. She was told this story because her friend knew that she loved Jimin very much. After hearing the story, she felt that Jimin is really an angel that still exists on earth.

Specifically, OP said that this story has been going on for a while and she just found out by chance that her friend has close relationship with Jimin’s best friend. She said that it was a close friend of Jimin since high school and that Jimin and that person still keep in touch to this day.

Jimin’s very close friend got married not too long ago and invited Jimin to his wedding. However, due to his busy schedule at that time, Jimin could not attend his best friend’s wedding. Therefore, Jimin felt very guilty.

After that, Jimin invited the couple to his house for dinner because he felt sorry for not being able to attend their wedding. Jimin even cooked the meal by himself and prepared everything for his friends.

Not stopping there, Jimin gave a TV to his newlywed friend as a wedding gift for the couple. Jimin’s best friend also told OP’s friend that Jimin is really so kind that words can’t be described. Even after he became a superstar, he still kept in touch with his close high school friends. OP’s friend sent a photo but OP doesn’t share the photo to respect Jimin’s privacy.

Jimin has always remained humble and kind no matter where he stands. Jimin’s sincerity has made his friendships strong and everyone loves him.

ARMYs felt very proud when they heard this story:

– He’s the cutest isn’t he

– His friend is so lucky when having best friend like Jimin

– The precious gift for his friends, Jimin is the kindest one

– Jimin is truly and angel

– Love him so much

– So proud of being Jimin’s stan

– Our angel is so sweet

– Who let me know where we can find the other angel like him

– Jimin has a sweet heart

– He is so humble and kind

– Eating dinner with Jimin, being prepared by Jimin, in Jimin’s house, and receiving Jimin’s gift, so jealous

– Perfect friend that everyone needs

By hnam