BTS has been around for almost 10 years and j-hope has also had a successful career in group and solo activities. Recently, j-hope is the most mentioned name with the opening of individual activities of BTS members.

Many ARMYs feel his positive change after 10 years of activities. And looking back, j-hope had a life process to be proud of.

Over the past 10 years, BTS has achieved achievements that not every group can achieve. That was created thanks to the members’ hard work and talents. But most worth mentioning is the explosion of j-hope as he goes further in his career.

Some ARMYs said that, recently, Hoseok was able to live ‘Hoseok’s’ life after nearly 10 years of his career. A life true to his personality and self-worth is revealed to the fullest.

j-hope now has very solid steps on the artistic path. Hoseok was born to do these things, and he knows it, so every step he takes is in the depths of meticulous calculation.

It started with a new album preview party, where Hoseok could invite the people he was close and fond of to “hear about the music he’s making”, as he put it. j-hope pays attention to every detail throughout the party and gives his guests quality music. Not noisy, but the media still has to talk about it as a party of all the top K-pop stars.

Next is the first solo album that shows exactly what j-hope is trying to show. Not following the crowd, not following the trend, what Hoseok does is his mindset, what he wants to express and it has brought about the remarkable achievements of a solo artist.

Followed by talk shows to talk more about that album. j-hope rarely appears on talk shows to promote his new album because he carefully chooses which talk show, or radio show to appear on, who the MC is, and he needs them to comment on his music. What j-hope needs is an opinion and someone to talk about his quality music, not simply to urge people to listen to his music.

Last but not least, it was a spectacular performance in Lollapalooza. Perhaps there is no need to say too much about this event because for a new solo artist to stand on this stage like Hoseok, is difficult for anyone to do.

As j-hope said, he can perform on a big stage and have only the people who are dear to him appear. But no, he chooses a big stage with new and strange audiences to try to see if his music is received or not. He is not afraid to face this. And as we’ve seen, it’s the best and most brilliant stage.

j-hope started with shyness, even apprehension when doing Livestream, and had to help RM 10 years ago, now he has changed, confident and brave. He can show his unique personality and musical color. He can also enjoy a life of making music and relaxing. Congratulations to j-hope and looking forward to the debut of the other members with just as much success!

By hnam