As the only member of BTS who has ever had the opportunity to officially act in a movie, V has made a bold impression in “Hwarang” and demonstrated his acting ability in many of the group’s art products. ARMYs are also looking forward to the day when actor Kim Taehyung returns to the small screen.

Especially recently, during a chat with ARMY on Weverse, he answered a question from ARMY about when he will return as an actor. The answer made many ARMYs feel “lost”…

Since starring in the movie Hwarang in 2016, V has become one of the most popular idol actors in Korea. Through this first movie with the role of Han Sung, V has shown his potential and future in acting.

V has also repeatedly received compliments from domestic and foreign directors for his acting ability. Notably, director Shin Won Ho once invited V to appear in part 2 of the movie “Hospital Playlist”.

In addition, the director also highly appreciated V’s acting scenes in the movie “Hoa Lang” (Hwarang) that he participated in in 2016. The 45-year-old director praised the male idol and thinks that V should promote and hone his acting talent. Shin Won Ho also affirmed that he will always give his best support if V needs it.

However, since then, with a busy schedule as well as a singing career, V has not been able to arrange to participate in any next movie. He can only show his acting talent through MV scenes or cameo in other idols’ MVs. Therefore, ARMYs have been waiting very much for V to come back to the set one day and show beautiful scenes.

Today, while V was interacting with fans on Weverse, an ARMY boldly asked V: “When will I be able to see Taehyungie in a drama or movie ??? I want to see our taetae act so much ㅠㅠ”

Thoughts that V would respond with a specific timeline, a promise, or a negation, V gave an answer that seemed to beat around the bush. He replied: “Have you watched Finding Nemo ?? I watched it recently and I was touched…”

This surprised ARMYs and they paid more attention to the fact that V watched the touching movie Finding Nemo:

– It’s so Taehyung


– here he goes again

– What does that have to do with the question

– Taehyung starring on Disney movie

– Pls he’s so funny

– That was not the answer but ok I’ll watch it too

– Stole your meme sooooo funny with the statement

– answering anything but the question

– King of avoiding questions

– where is the correlation taehyung

– If uk him, uk there’s indeed none


By hnam