BTS is loved by many ARMYs around the world, including very special ARMYs. They are famous actors and models or powerful politicians. All could not resist the attraction of boys.

Recently, Megan Young proved her longtime admiration for BTS and showed that she is just as lovable as any other ARMY by reacting to Jungkook’s video. Find out about this special ARMY below:

If you’re an ARMY and a fan of beauty pageants, you won’t know about Megan Young. She is a Filipino-American actress, model, television presenter. Especially, she was beauty queen who won the Miss World Philippines 2013 title and was later crowned as Miss World 2013. She is the first and only Filipina to win the title of Miss World until now.


The owner of the prestigious Miss World 2013 crown, Megan Young is a huge fan of BTS. She really is a genuine ARMY showing a lot of love for BTS wherever she goes.

She owns many cute items in her BT21 collection and even hangs it on her expensive bag. She also updates on her situation in the game created by BTS: In The Seom. This shows that she, like other ARMYs, loves BTS very enthusiastically.

Recently, she even immediately reacted to the video Jungkook just posted on her Instagram story. Specifically, Miss World 2013, posted a video on Tiktok and she is also confused just like us over Jungkook’s latest IG stories. In the video, she shows a real expression like other ARMYs when trying to guess what Jungkook is doing. doing what. This is really cute!

Not only that, before Miss World 2013 Megan Young shared about who her bias in BTS is. Megan and her husband ever posted a picture on Instagram of them doing the iconic “Super Tuna” dance. They also posted adorable pictures with bungeoppang, which is a fish-shaped bread filled with sweet bean paste. Of course, whenever anyone reveals themself to be a BTS fan, the first thing ARMYs want to know is who their bias’ are.

When asked in the comment below the post was: “Is Jin your bias too? I love you both! Super Tuna FTW!”. Megan Young did not hesitate to share that: “I love them all really but Jin and Namjoon remind me of Fofo the most”. As expected, she has a true taste and there is no denying that both Jin and RM are excellent choices, but then all of the members are perfect so it would be impossible to choose just one!

Since then, ARMY has added a veteran and special member to their team. It’s interesting how many celebrities have a special affection for BTS.

By hnam