Over the past few days, ARMY has continuously received a lot of information about BTS’s changes in the near future, especially Jin’s solo single and enlistment. Even though there are so many things going on together, after all, ARMY still has a lot of love for BTS and Jin.

Recently, HYBE announced the release of Jin’s solo single at the end of this October. Along with that, HYBE also uploaded the Logo trailer of the single “The Astonaut” and ARMY discovered many meaningful things that Jin has done in this solo single.

Remember, at the Yet To Come concert taking place in Busan, Jin suddenly informed fans that he would soon release his solo music product. Right after that, HYBE announced that Jin had withdrawn his application to postpone his military service and prepared to enlist in the army after he finished promoting his music product.

Immediately after the announcement of HYBE and Jin, ARMYs put aside their sadness and prepared themselves to support Jin in this final product before enlistment. This will definitely be a music product containing Jin’s distinct color, completely different from previous BTS music products. The song also has many special details and is extremely meaningful to ARMY.

The first is that as soon as we watch the Logo Trailer video of “The Astronaut”, we will encounter the main image of the astronaut. This is not the first time ARMYs have seen this image because it appeared during the Permission To Dance era.

Many ARMYs also think that this is a hint that BTS or Jin wanted to mention to ARMY. In addition, ARMYs also realize that these cosmic images are embedded in many of Jin’s songs such as Abyss, Tonight and Moon.

Not only that, the astronaut image is also said to be a sign of collaboration between Jin and Coldplay as reported by TenAsia this morning. It is known that the song that Jin used as a solo song was a gift from Coldplay.

Previously, Jin in particular and BTS in general had collaborated with Coldplay on the song “My Universe” on the Music of Sphere album – which also had a similar concept about the universe. Not only that, many ARMYs also discovered that Jin’s solo song is most likely a lost track from Coldplay’s Music of Sphere album that has not been revealed.

Another particularly meaningful thing in this song is that in the Logo trailer, many ARMYs discovered the appearance of a white dog. Immediately, ARMYs called Jjangu’s name – Jin’s dog passed away many years ago.


Jin spent so many years with this little friend of his. And when the dog died, Jin was heartbroken and cried a lot. The image of the dog and Jin in the astronaut suit made ARMYs extremely touched:

– Jin’s bestfriend:(

– I’m sobbing

– Aaswwsss this is so cute ???

– This means so much to me

– I don’t wanna cry ??

– Jjangu is guiding our astronaut Jinnie in his new journey, until he comes back to us, his Earth

– Now I am gonna cry ???

Last but not least, the image of the astronaut going into space also made ARMY understand the message that Jin conveyed. In the trailer, the image of the earth represents ARMY while the astronaut is Jin.

He had to fly into space to complete his special mission just like Jin will have to leave ARMY for 2 years to complete his military service. But astronauts always return to earth and astronaut Jin will also return to earth after completing the mission. It’s a promise to ARMY that he’ll be back soon.

Jin once told ARMYs that “I’m the moon and ARMY is my earth”. This is also said to be related to Jin’s MV this time.

Another interesting thing is that Jin’s MV was filmed in Los Angeles when Jin came here last September. There’s definitely going to be an epic MV for ARMY and as announced by Big Hit, hopefully ARMYs will put a lot of love and anticipation on Jin’s amazing productions.

By hnam