The announcement of BTS’s military enlistment decision recently created a hot potato in the online community. The majority of ARMYs support the decision of Jin and the BTS members and are willing to wait for the members to complete their military service and return.

However, there are also many ARMYs who are worried about what BTS will have to endure during their time in the army. In particular, a male ARMY – who served in the Korean army told stories about Korean idols enlisting in the army.

This has made many ARMYs worried about what BTS will face in the near future:

After the news that Jin will officially enlist after completing his solo album promotions and BTS members getting ready for this, they received a lot of support. Many people also praised BTS and Jin for making a decisive decision while the Government is still vague about this.

However, in addition to their full support for BTS during their enlistment, many people were extremely scared about whether they would be taken advantage of while performing their military service. This raised concerns more after the Ministry of Defense continued to state that they would intervene so that BTS could perform overseas while enlisting.

ARMYs were extremely angry when they saw that the Ministry of Defense was still using BTS to make money because according to Korean regulations, when BTS enlists in the army, all their revenue will go to the Ministry of Defense. South Korean soldiers must not engage in deviant personal activities or economic activities because they belong to the Ministry of National Defense.

Many ARMYs also think that this is the reason why the Ministry does not exempt BTS from military service. They did not miss the opportunity to have superstar money. Therefore, in the sharing of a male ARMY who once served in Korea, he advised I-ARMYs that they should not buy Korean products and consume Kpop products until BTS completes their military service.

According to this ARMY’s share, sales from BTS’ albums and previous commercials are not authorized by the Department of Defense. Since it was announced when they were civilians so ARMY can support BTS with these products!

In addition, in this male ARMY’s post, he also shared a lot of difficulties that BTS may face while serving in the military. That’s what he saw when he attended the army with some celebrities.

This ARMY shared that  a singer Park (V’s friend on a recent radio show) was forced to sing alongside politicians while they were dining when he served in the army. He also condemned some high-ranking South Korean officials for not serving in the military.

Male ARMY also shared the hardships BTS can suffer such as not being able to sleep and having to sing or dance at the request of their superiors in the barracks. He also points out it’s not uncommon that he’s seen it firsthand. Some celebrities who have completed their military service have also mentioned this on talk shows hundreds of times. What’s scarier is that we don’t know what happens in the military when BTS is super famous.

What’s more terrifying is that he even witnessed a fellow soldier secretly film a celebrity’s ass while enlisting in the army and send it to his girlfriend. In addition, after enlisting in the army, BTS also had to shower and sleep with dozens of other colleagues in the army. For a superstar like Jin and BTS, this is really unsafe.

Not only that, under the control of the Ministry of Defense, BTS will even be forced to record ridiculous military songs and perform thousands of times. They are even taken to the restaurant to meet and serve many powerful people and of course they will be taken advantage of without any benefits.

These things are really scary and there are many celebrities who have had to go through it. Meanwhile, BTS is always a good prey for the Ministry of Defense and of course they will be hard to ignore.

Can’t help but hope that none of the above happens to BTS and that they can have a good month at work!

By hnam