Jin is starting the first stages of promoting his first solo single before enlisting in the army. This morning, Big Hit Music confirmed all information about Jin’s album and the exact release date is October 28.

But besides paying attention to the details related to Jin’s physical album, ARMYs also realized that the image of a character appearing in Jin’s album resembles an Instagram account called…This making many ARMYs wonder if the two are related and even j-hope and SUGA wonder about this.

Here is Jin’s answer to this curious character:

BTS’ Jin will be releasing his first solo single titled “The Astronaut” on October 28. This means that Jin will become the second BTS member to debut as an individual artist, after j-hope.

“The Astronaut” is also Jin’s last solo album before his enlistment. The single is also said to be a meaningful gift for fans, and Jin also prepared a lot of special content for ARMY through this promotion.

Part of that must include a mysterious figure appearing on Instagram named Woodteo. The image of this character is very similar to the items included in Jin’s physical album, which is coming out on October 28.

This account was set up 5 days ago with an image of an astronaut and is extremely cute. This is also said to be the symbol associated with this album of Jin about astronauts and space.

After this character appeared, it attracted a lot of attention from ARMY. The account of this mysterious character currently has nearly 400 thousand followers. Wootteo also follows Jin’s official Instagram account alone.

ARMYs then kept talking about who Wootteo is, is it Jin’s account or is this a new game? Even j-hope was surprised by the appearance of this new account. In a post, Wootteo wrote that: “HiIamWootteo. AreWeSupposedToClickItLikeThis. It’sHardToTakePhotos”, j-hope left a comment on this character’s Instagram that: “Who are you…?”

In addition, some photos of Wootteo posted over the past few days are said to have the same image as Jin’s. An ARMY doubted this, so they posted a comparison image between Jin and Wootteo on social media with the caption: “We love you so much Jin ?”.

Immediately after, Jin saw the post and gave his answer under the post. Jin admits that this is a character that is part of his promotional plans. Wootteo will be revealed in two weeks and Jin hopes everyone will look forward to the character.

Specifically, Jin wrote: “According to my plan, this guy would be revealed 2 weeks late with “Tada~ guess who is this”..

Later, Jin also replied to another post when this ARMY mentioned the question of j-hope, similar to ARMY, very curious about this character. This ARMY wrote in the Weverse post that: “no but Seokjinah.. so Hobi has been ?”

Meanwhile, Jin lamented j-hope’s quickness and said: “woww Jwehope. I didn’t even talk about it, how did you know? Really I acknowledge you. Wow did you get instructions from the company? You’re amazing really Jwehope “

After Jin’s answer, SUGA also expressed his curiosity about this mysterious but extremely lovable character: “Isn’t he the ghost of Instagram?”

It seems that the members are supporting Jin enthusiastically on this solo album, just like when j-hope was promoting his album. In 2 weeks we will find out who the cute mysterious character Woodteo is and listen to Jin’s amazing song!

By hnam