Jin is preparing the next steps for his solo single release. In addition to the song before Jin enlisted, there are many interesting things to look forward to in this album.

One of them is Jin’s companions on the single. In addition to Chris Martin and Coldplay who are said to collaborate with Jin on this song, Chris’ son Moses Martin is also said to be a contributor on the single.

Jin has expressed for years that he is a fan of Coldplay. Finally, last year, Jin and Coldplay collaborated on “My Universe” with the rest of BTS.

They formed a good relationship during this time. However, Jin and lead singer Chris Martin have especially become close. Chris even gave Jin a guitar and now he’s the one to give Jin the last song before enlistment. It shows their great friendship.

Not only that, when Big Hit Music posted the details of Jin’s single, ARMY quickly discovered that Chris Martin and the Coldplay members were recorded in “The Astronaut”. ARMYs also noticed that Golden Globe-winning composer Jóhann Jóhannsson was on the list of producers along with Norweigan DJ Kygo.

Many notable talented individuals are listed, but there is an unexpected one that only a few may recognize. It’s Moses Martin. Moses Martin might not be a super famous musician, but he is the son of one. He is the 16-year-old son of Chris Martin and actress Gwyneth Paltrow.

Interestingly, not only did Chris Martin provide the backing vocals for Jin, but he also sang it along with his son. Moses Martin is mentioned as providing backing vocals for “The Astronaut”. ARMY really feels warm when Chris Martin and his son support Jin in this great song and it shows how much he supports Jin.

This wouldn’t actually be Moses’ first time providing vocals on a song. He has been featured on many of Coldplay’s songs, including “Adventure of a Lifetime,” “Humankind,” “Up&Up,” and more. Moses even served as a co-writer on “Orphans”.

Moses has joined his father on stage to sing on more than one occasion, even at a very young age. He has always been talented!

By hnam