ARMYs couldn’t contain their excitement when HYBE announced that BTS‘s Jin was going to be the next member to release their own solo single.

While some ARMYs were busy being excited about the release, other “detectives” found a cryptic account on Instagram that has been posting content ever since Jin announced his single at the Busan concert on October 15.

The Instagram handle goes by the username of “Wootteo.” The first picture posted on the account is of a cartoon astronaut character with two ponytails, which is eerily similar to the first picture Jin posted on his Instagram account.


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Yet, although ARMYs are like detectives, one person who BTS and fans can always count on when it comes to Instagram is J-Hope.

Of course, it isn’t surprising that J-Hope was the first to comment on the post, considering that he always does it for the members. When the account first shared an image with some hashtags, J-Hope quickly responded to the post with “Who are you…”

Even if the account is only linked to Jin, J-Hope would definitely be the member to showcase his support, even if it’s adding to the mystery behind “Wootteo.” Yet, it seems like even Jin was surprised by J-Hope’s ability to find the cryptic account.

On Weverse, Jin explained that “Wootteo” wasn’t even meant to be out yet, adding, “According to my plan, this guy would be revealed two weeks later with ‘tada~ guess who is this.’”

Of course, ARMYs had to share their own thoughts about J-Hope’s comment. In one post, a fan shared a screenshot of J-Hope’s comments, adding, “No, but Seokjinah.. so Hobi has been *eyes emoji*.

If ARMYs were shocked, it seems like Jin had the same feelings. When he saw the post, the idol commented back, sharing his own feelings about J-Hope’s Instagram comment. As expected, he was equally surprised and couldn’t stop praising his member.

Wow Jwehope, I didn’t even talk about it, how did you know? Really, I acknowledge you. Wow, did you get instructions from the company? You’re amazing, really Jwehope.

— Jin

Although he was shocked, one person who didn’t doubt J-Hope’s skills when it came to Instagram was fellow member Suga. After Jin had commented on the ARMY’s posts, Suga pointed out that J-Hope might have a special skill when it comes to Instagram.

At this point, isn’t he just the phantom of Instagram?

— Suga

Of course, ARMYs are always known for their status as “detectives,” but it seems like J-Hope has definitely joined the club. When it comes to Instagram, J-Hope might be the best, and always uses it as a chance to support his members.

By hnam