This morning, Big Hit Music confirmed the official release date of Jin’s solo album and the accompanying items in the physical album will be available. This has made ARMY extremely excited and waiting for this meaningful album of Jin.

According to the event, Jin appeared on Weverse and chatted with some ARMYs and watched their reactions to the new album. In it, Jin was accidentally revealed by ARMY about the lyrics but his reaction was surprising.

Jin was bewildered when he learned that ARMYs had read his lyrics:

Jin’s first solo single “The Astronaut” is confirmed to be released on October 28. It includes a music video and has a lot of content produced by Jin to promote this album.

Yesterday, the logo trailer and promotional map of ‘The Astronaut’ was released. The logo trailer begins with an astronaut stepping out of a spacecraft and swimming in a ‘quiet’ space where occasional meteors hover. Soon after, the screen switched and looked like an asteroid appeared in the midst of a chaotic universe, where the astronauts found light lurking in the darkness.

The Astronaut was supposed to be a gift for ARMY because Jin made it with his love for ARMY. This is also a very meaningful song and ARMY discovered the lyrics accidentally revealed by Big Hit in the item reveal section of Jin’s physical album.

ARMY immediately spread the lyrics in English to the entire community. And of course, the lyrics make anyone’s heart feel strong and emotional.

One ARMY even posted on Weverse the lyrics with tears in their eyes: “The lyrics got revealed already ㅠㅠㅠ”

Jin later found out that his lyrics had been leaked, and he panicked because he didn’t know where it was. He asked in surprise: “Huh where?”

ARMYs then revealed to him that because in the item reveal for the physical album there was a picture of the lyrics in English, ARMY had zoomed in and copied it. And after receiving the answer, Jin had a very funny answer as usual: “Thank you. I’ll use it when recording…”

ARMYs reacted excitedly to Jin’s surprise:


– He talks like he hasn’t recorded it LMAO

– he’s so skjsks

– Credit goes to hybe

– Why is he like this ? I love him ??

– he’s just joking with us 

– He is so funny?

– He said he would use it to record new song, he is joking us LMAO

– so unserious just like us

– oh my god haha ?

– Hahahahaha jjwaaan you are a funny guy ???

– It was in the album cover reveal but the text was so small… but of course armys figured it out…

– Jin flipping the table in Hybe while making a joke on weverse. Bighit staff panicking right now

By hnam