The Busan concert, which ended, also seems to mark a new stage where the faith of ARMY and BTS has been challenged for 2 years. It is also the most meaningful and emotional concert that perhaps BTS and ARMY will be seeing each other for a long time.

That’s why the members went on stage with different moods. In particular, when reviewing the fancams recorded after the concert, ARMYs suddenly realized that Jimin and SUGA had quietly shed tears when the concert ended.

These videos are like breaking ARMYs’ hearts:

It’s been a few days since BTS’ concert in Busan took place. In just 2 hours these concerts are the most precious moments of the 7 members and ARMY this year and probably the next 2 years.

Soon after, the news that Jin was preparing for enlistment procedures at the end of this year or early next year along with other members who would follow Jin’s enlistment made ARMY very surprised. Although ARMY has been preparing for a long time for this news to be confirmed one day, it is still sad news that ARMY needs time to accept.

Even the members who had prepared this in advance could not contain their emotions during the planned final stage. They were choked up when they shared many of their feelings during the concert and even mentioned the belief in hope between ARMY and them.

But maybe the members were strong enough to stand on stage and give ARMY the best performance. They had fun on stage and enjoyed the music comfortably.

But few ARMYs noticed that, when the concert ended, a lot of tears were shed on the last night of BTS’s concert before enlistment. Some fancams have captured the image of Jimin and SUGA quietly crying when saying goodbye to ARMY.

As the last leg of BTS this year as well as the last concert full of 7 members until 2025, the Busan concert left a lot of emotions for Jimin, SUGA and other members. Even SUGA couldn’t hide the moment of weakness that glittered in tears looking at ARMY for a couple of years.

Seeing the moment when SUGA and Jimin shed tears along with the news of the past few days made ARMYs choke, unable to hold back their tears:


– I can’t process thinking about him going after Jin. I’m about to go into the ugly Oprah cry over the two of them. Maybe cry once and be done? ??

– This really hits differently now 

– I’m saying to myself that I will not cry. But watching this now… ?

– dont do this to me mar im trying so hard to keep it together

– I never ever want to see this video on my timeline again omg?

– He truly love the view , he will miss us.

– it hurts like hell….. my heart is ripping

– oh i wish he gets warm hugs

– Ik something was wrong when yoongi he nearly cried during spring day ??????? won’t stop

– This hits so hard right now

– We can see how emotional they are at the Busan concert. But they tried their best to give the best concert for the armys and Korea. ?

– Our little boys keep their tears so much

– We promise to not leave

– Stay here for 2025

– My heart stopped when I saw their tears

By hnam