BTS’ Busan concert last weekend left many memories for millions of BTS fans around the world. There are many valuable moments because it is BTS’ last memory before enlistment.

In addition to the hilarious moments and top-notch stages for ARMY, netizens have been crazy about RM’s moments on stage lately. Many believe that RM has really exploded his charms in this moment.

Here is the topic about RM that people talk about a lot:

From the hilarious and chaotic interactions between the members to the fans wishing their wishes come true, it’s an emotional roller coaster ride for everyone involved, especially is when there is news that the members will not be exempt from military service. While the members’ incredible talent on stage, adorable personalities, and interactions with fans during concerts are always appreciated at events like this, of course their looks are also appreciated highly!

RM, in particular, has gone viral online quite widely as photos and gifs of him during concerts and from other recent events are being spread online showing how awesome he is. People have noticed his proportions as well as his charisma during the concert.

On a Korean online forum, a post titled “Nowadays, BTS’s RM is too sexy…” received a lot of attention thanks to the stunning photos shared on it. Although the photos seem low quality, RM is really high quality.

There are many comments from Korean netizens on the post sharing just how hard they’ve fallen for RM and his “sexy era”, and who can blame them?

– “Busan Con’s Kim Namjoon was a hot boy…”

– “Seriously, Kim Namjoon at the Busan concert was freaaaaaaaaaking legendary. I thought that I was gonna go crazy when looking at him in real life”

– “His physical.. is seriously godly”

– “I’m going crazy. Ever since the Busan concert, I’ve been enchanted by Kim Namjoon and cannot get out”

– “Seriously, I can’t stay still, Kim Namjoonㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ I freaking like him”

– “Take me, I wanna live”

– “his stage presence at the busan concert was next level, he looks healthy, happy & so hot, hope he’s 100% enjoying his life”

– “He was always hot. Him growing from a thin teenager to a bulky man will always be wonderful”

– “Rolled up sleeves and him is a lethal combination”

– “he always has that manly sexy mature vibe and im here for it especially when he wear suits and put his glasses on daaaaaaaaaaamn”

– “and nobody will ever take u seriously if you say a word on this man, hes hot as hell and you must be trying to convince yourself trying to convince anyone otherwise”

RM has always been a sight for sore eyes, and he really does just seem to be getting more handsome with age!

By hnam