We all know the schedule for the release of Jin’s first solo single “The Astronaut” on October 28. However, there is an updated surprise for those who do not know that Jin will perform with Coldplay this song in Argentina.

Recently, Big Hit Music posted a message between Jin and Coldplay about the two talking about the newly released song. In it, there is a message that mentions that Chris Martin asked Jin to sing at the group’s live broadcast.

This makes everyone who is looking forward to Jin’s new song more excited:

“The Astronaut” was Jin’s last song before his enlistment. Jin is also the second BTS member to debut as an individual artist, after j-hope.

Earlier, Big Hit Music said on Weverse that Jin will carry out the enlistment procedures after he completes the promotion plan for his new solo album. Currently, Jin has started a lot of content to promote his new album. One of them was Jin’s first live stage for “The Astronaut”.

Big Hit Music recently posted some images simulating the conversation between Jin and Coldplay about promoting the new song. In the message, Coldplay’s leader Chris Martin asked Jin to come to Argentina next week to perform a live performance of the song “The Astronaut” on October 28.

Chris Martin also emphasized that if Jin comes, this will be the first and meaningful stage for the new song. Jin of course immediately agreed and said that he would prepare for a trip to Argentina soon.

One notable point in the conversation is the fact that Jin mentioned that he was quite sad to be away from BTS and ARMY for a while. But Jin is still very strong and says that’s what any artist has to go through.

Chris Martin comforts Jin and gives him lots of praise. Specifically, the message posted is as follows:

After that, Big Hit Music also posted an official announcement confirming this:


We’d like to inform you about BTS Jin’s participation in Coldplay’s world tour.

In the Argentina concert of Coldplay’s “MUSIC of the SPHERES Tour,” Jin will be performing “The Astronaut” with Coldplay.

[Concert Information]
Concert Title: Coldplay “MUSIC of the SPHERES” World Tour
Date: 7 PM, Friday, October 28, 2022 (ET) 
Location: Estadio River Plate, Buenos Aires

[“The Astronaut” Performance Video Upload]
This concert will not be live-streamed online. However, we will upload the performance video of “The Astronaut” after the concert to make sure ARMY all around the world can watch Jin and Coldplay’s performance.
Upload Date and Time: 3 PM, Saturday, October 29, 2022 (KST)
Upload Channel: BANGTAN TV

[Global Theater Streaming]
The Coldplay concert will be live-streamed and delayed-streamed in theaters not only in South Korea, but all around the world. The event will be a paid in-person event.”

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